3rds Celebrate first win in 4 years

Congratulations to the Under 18s who are celebrating their first win in 4 years. They were a bit shaky on the song but Coaches Jason Eenjes and Brady Hood didn’t hesitate to jump in and help the boys!


Coach Eenjes had this to say to the boys after the win:

Morning boys bloody fantastic win yesterday, myself Brady and the club are really proud of the way we went about winning the game yesterday.
Like I said there is nothing better than winning and singing the club song with your mates
You all turned up mental to win stuck to the game instructions and played hard tackling harassing pressure footy
That’s the footy I know we can play if we are mentally prepared to do so
We are starting to work as a team and play for each other
Let’s keep improving knuckle down and train , work harder and RUN & TALK and we are all positive another win is coming
Well done boys. Really proud of the effort